Product Rendering / Contextual Rendering / 3D Photo-Insertion


CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) has introduced several innovations in the imaging field: it allows photorealistic representations of objects or architectural environments without having them physically available, and enables creative solutions previously inaccessible with classic photography.

Both static and animated images can be exported from 3D models. Effects such as fire, explosions, floods, smoke and so on can be added via specific simulation software. Furthermore, our image editing skills allow us to export product renderings to be included within real photographs of environments.


Photo studio rendering shows the product against a neutral background, usually white or grey, ideal for products on e-commerce websites.

Contextual rendering, on the other hand, shows a realistic environment in which the product can be visualised during its use. It is possible to set an object within existing spaces (thanks to photo-insertion) and within imaginary spaces (thanks to 3D environments).

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