Video Making / Video Editing


We can produce product and creative videos, both still life and on model, for every purpose. We provide experienced video-makers, space and professional equipment to fulfil all kinds of requests.


We produce highly technical product videos, which allow you to appreciate each individual detail of the object through a careful study of both the lighting and the type of filming.
Our equipment enables us to provide 360 degree product videos, which are widely used in the product sheets of e-commerce websites.


On top of filming we also provide video editing.
We closely perform editing, colour grading, audio, and decoding of the video in all required formats.


We produce creative videos for both still life and clothing, especially fashion and accessories, making the product stand out through a careful study of the setting, light and styling.
When drafting the storyboard, we can either follow the guidelines commissioned by the brand or create a customised creative work for each request.


Through the use of individual photo shoots, we create animations of products belonging to the world of clothing, accessories and design, so as to create stop-motion videos or videos in gif format especially practical in the world of social media.

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