Wide-Format Printing / UV & Latex Printing


We offer a wide-format digital printing service for banners, roll-ups, advertising posters, adhesive films for window decals and wallpapers, as well as poster design, signs, rigid panels and free-standing media stations for indoor and outdoor use, available with shaped cuts.
We design and produce visual communication materials for points of sale, trade fair exhibition spaces and interior design.


Our fleet boasts one of the best UV flatbed printers on the market, guaranteeing extremely high print quality, excellent colour rendition at high speeds and allowing us to print on a wide variety of flexible or rigid media up to 320 cm wide and 5 cm thick. For interior decorative applications, we also possess odourless HP LATEX printing technology, most suitable for the production of wallpapers and adhesive vinyls.


We perform flatbed printing on a variety of rigid substrates such as forex, PVC, polyester, polycarbonate, polystyrene, plexiglass, wood, cardboard, aluminium, glass, or roll-to-roll on flexible substrates such as adhesive materials, paper, wallpaper and fabrics of various kinds.


Our printers, benchmarks on the market for quality and certifications, differ from each other in the type of inks they use, and are carefully selected at the production stage according to the requirements of the end product’s use: VOC-free UV printing with a white base option for backlighting or varnishing, rather than water-based LATEX HP printing.


Available finishes include matt or glossy lamination. The paint can also be used in a diffuse or partial manner to create special optical and tactile effects.


Thanks to the extreme versatility and uniform performance of the large-format cutting table, we are able to cut or mill materials even by shaping them.


We also take care of the packaging of the printed matter and, where required, handle the shipment within the time frame agreed with the customer.

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