Shooting ADV / E-Commerce / Still Life


Our studio is the ideal environment to create the customer’s image, where we perform both fashion and still life photo shoots. We handle the entire organisation of the shoot or, depending on the requests, we can take care of only certain parts of it. We provide experienced photographers, space and equipment for every need, and also provide Stylists, Make-up Artists and Hair Stylists.


Developing tailor-made creativity and an idea that is consistent with the image that the customer wishes to convey, we perform both on-model and still life photo shoots, organising their every aspect, whether they take place inside our premises or at an outdoor location.


Our e-commerce shots meet the customer’s technical and aesthetic requirements: the end result faithfully represents the quality of the product in every detail, displaying it in an appealing manner. We work for brands operating in the clothing and accessories sector, we specialise in watches and jewellery, and we perform both still life and on model shoots.


The essential elements to design a quality creative still life are the idea, the right composition and the lighting set-up: the skilful use of these components creates emotional images that are perfect for communicating the customer’s identity.


We have two studios entirely dedicated to photo shoots, one for still lifes and one for fashion shoots, with an area dedicated to styling and make-up. The areas are fitted with all the necessary technical equipment for lighting and setting up the photo shoot.

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