Digital Touch

We Are
Digital Touch,
Photographic Retouching & Printing Studio

We use our touch to create unique combinations and to beautifully transform images in an irresistible way. We combine our creativity and various technological backgrounds to give you an impeccable finished product.


You will work closely with professionals that have passionately mastered the best instruments in the business and who strive for perfection.

The 1980s
The Digital Revolution

We grew professionally during the time when graphic design underwent the most significant change, when digital invaded the analogue world. We explored the original techniques and quickly let ourselves be overcome by the new ones.

The beginning

We solidified our vision by combining resourcefulness, passion and 30 years of experience to bring territorial excellence to the market.

The digital touch

Photography is at the epicentre of our approach to post production. Over time, all the departments to complete the production flow have been added to our studio.

The Culture Touch

We are digital imaging experts, focusing on quality. Production and the growth of the digital image culture are at the heart of our little universe.

Our universe

Our services have no technical or creativity limitations. Whether it’s colour adjustments, page layouts or printing processes, we are digital experts who appreciate and understand the artistic process. We work alongside our customers to provide a truly personalised experience.




We live in the knowledge of our territory, immersed in beauty and have grown up with graphic arts and quality printing traditions. Our experience helps customers to globally move in the proper direction.



Just as each project has its own personality, we know that every customer has specific/unique/individual needs. By truly collaborating with our customers, we achieve the highest level of accuracy, ingenuity and satisfaction for every single project.



Our team of highly qualified producers and designers can turn ideas into reality. We are specialised in the conception, design and distribution of innovative and multi-platform content for large and small brands.

Marco Bertoldi
Owner – Layout & ADV/Billboard Campaign Manager
Marco Bresciani
Owner - Retouch & Color Corrections Manager
Antonio Bertoldi
Production Manager
Francesca Bertoldi
Sales Account
Mattia Ferrari
Matteo Perbellini
Retouch & Production
Marcello Burato
Retouch & Color Corrections
Michele Bellamoli
Printing Department

The Areas

Our headquarters in Verona reflects our thinking – the custom-designed space has a specific area for retouching, two photographic studios and a large printing area so that people can work comfortably. Technique and traditional knowledge are combined with the latest technologies, which is why our studio is the ideal place to perfect your images.